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GRID Sheets

Fast spreadsheet editor with charts, formulas, and templates.
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What is GRID Sheets?

GRID Sheets is an AI-powered spreadsheet editor that offers an integrated AI Formula Assistant to assist users in writing spreadsheet formulas. Users can type ‘//’ into their GRID Sheet to activate the assistant, describe the desired formula in plain English, and hit Enter to receive suggested formulas. This tool aims to simplify calculations and enhance productivity for users who want to create interactive presentations or integrate spreadsheet-powered calculators into their websites for lead capture purposes.



⚡Top 5 GRID Sheets Features:

  1. AI-powered formula assistance: Type ‘//’ into your GRID Sheet to activate the AI formula assistant, which helps you write spreadsheet formulas using natural language descriptions.
  2. Native spreadsheet editor: Use GRID Sheets, the native spreadsheet editor within GRID, to create and edit your spreadsheets.
  3. Integration with Excel and Google Sheets: Upload or connect your existing Excel and Google Sheets spreadsheets to use them in GRID.
  4. Airtable and Notion compatibility: Work seamlessly with structured databases from Airtable and Notion.
  5. Spreadsheet-powered calculators for lead capture: Transform your spreadsheets into interactive interfaces, build dynamic calculators and forms using familiar spreadsheet formulas, and integrate with your CRM for lead qualification and scoring.



⚡Top 5 GRID Sheets Use Cases:

  1. Interactive presentations: Create engaging, user-friendly tools that allow users to explore pricing models according to their unique needs or calculate potential savings by switching to a service.
  2. Lead generation: Empower prospects with easy-to-use calculators and forms that help them understand your product offerings and make more confident purchasing decisions.
  3. Data analysis: Utilize the AI formula assistant to quickly perform calculations and analyze data without needing advanced coding skills.
  4. Collaborative work: Share and collaborate on spreadsheets in real time with team members, ensuring everyone is working with up-to-date information.
  5. Automated reporting: Generate reports automatically based on your spreadsheet data, saving time and reducing manual effort.

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