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Guidde Features

Guidde is an AI-powered platform that enables users to create video-based guides and how-to tutorials in seconds. It simplifies the process of creating high-quality documentation, from capturing work flows to personalizing content design, and sharing it anywhere. The platform is used by various teams including customer support, presales, product teams, and training agencies, enhancing efficiency and collaboration across remote teams.


⚡ Top 5 Guidde Features:

  1. AI-Powered Video Creation: Generate step-by-step video guides based on user inputs, simplifying the process of creating detailed how-to tutorials and SOPs.
  2. Personalization: The platform offers a variety of over 100 different voices and languages for narration, allowing users to personalize their guides to match their brand and audience.
  3. Easy Sharing: Users can share their guides anywhere with a link or embed them directly into their organization’s platform, enhancing accessibility and distribution.
  4. Efficient Workflow Capture: With the browser extension, users can easily capture their workflow, which Guidde then translates into a comprehensive guide.
  5. Visual Design Tools: Users do not need professional design skills to create visually appealing guides. The platform provides tools for creating stunning visuals to accompany the guides.


⚡ Top 5 Guidde Use Cases:

  1. Customer Support: Create video guides that answer customer queries, reducing support tickets and improving customer satisfaction.
  2. Customer Success: The platform helps in creating personalized video responses for customers, aiding in their success journey with the product or service.
  3. Presales: Video documentation can effectively showcase product features and benefits, supporting presales efforts by providing potential customers with comprehensive information.
  4. Product Teams: Product teams can use Guidde to create detailed how-to guides and feature notes, improving user understanding and adoption of new features and updates.
  5. Training Agencies: The platform is used by training agencies to create engaging, AI-generated training material, making the learning process more efficient and engaging.



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