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Customize your look with HD photos & unique hairstyles.
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Hairstyle AI Features

Hairstyle AI is an innovative platform that uses AI to allow users to virtually try on a variety of hairstyles. Users simply upload a selfie, and the AI generates a range of different haircut styles for them to choose from, helping them see what styles suit them best without needing a real haircut. This service has been used by over 1.2k satisfied customers and has generated over 155k AI hairstyles.

Top 5 Features:
AI-Generated Hairstyles: HairstyleAI uses advanced AI technology to generate a wide variety of hairstyles for both men and women, allowing users to see how they would look with different haircuts
Personalized Photoshoots: The platform offers personalized photoshoots that include 30 unique AI hairstyles, 4 different poses/haircuts, and 120 HD photos
Indistinguishable from Real Photos: The AI-generated hairstyles are indistinguishable from real photos, providing an accurate representation of how a user would look with a particular hairstyle
Ease of Use: The process is straightforward – upload selfies, let the AI generate hairstyles, and download your favorites
Affordable Pricing: For a one-time fee of $9, users can try on a variety of hairstyles virtually, saving them from potentially costly and regrettable haircuts

Top 5 Use Cases:
Virtual Haircut Trials: Hairstyle AI is perfect for those who want to try out a new hairstyle but are unsure how it will look on them. They can use the AI to see how various haircuts would look on their face before making a decision
Professional Photoshoots: Hairstyle AI’s service includes a personalized photoshoot with 30 unique AI hairstyles, 4 different poses/haircuts, and 120 HD photos, which can be useful for personal branding or professional use
Style Exploration: For people who love to experiment with their looks, HairstyleAI offers an opportunity to explore a wide variety of hairstyles, from buzz cuts to beach waves, without the commitment of a real haircut
Stylist Consultations: Hairstylists could use Hairstyle AI as a consultation tool to show clients potential outcomes of different haircuts or styles, aiding in decision-making
Fashion and Style Education: For fashion enthusiasts or students studying styling, Hairstyle AI provides a practical tool to understand how different hairstyles can change a person’s appearance


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