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Health Scanner

Online Internal Medicine Consultant with text & image analysis.
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Health Scanner Features

Login to MSAI Health Scanner is a website created to provide a simulated Internal Medicine Consultant service and to enhance patient care and improve health outcomes with the use of cutting-edge technology. It utilizes Casual GPT models for text analysis and proprietary Image NN for image analysis.

Top 5 Features:
– Simulated Internal Medicine Consultant
– Statistical Analysis of Large Data Sets
– Utilizes Casual GPT Models for Text Analysis
– Proprietary Image NN for Image Analysis
– Privacy and Security of Data in Compliance with GPDR and HIPPA Regulations

Top 5 Use Cases:
– Medical Professionals use the AI System to Complement their Expertise
– Patients use the AI System to gain Valuable Information
– Healthcare Professionals use the AI System to Make Decisions
– AI System is Reviewed by Medical Professionals to Ensure Accuracy
– System is Updated Regularly to Ensure Best Possible Experience and Outcomes


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