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What is Heuristica?

Heuristica is an AI-powered concept mapping tool that uses a mind map-like interface to explore subjects and acquire knowledge. It is designed to simplify learning and research by providing a visual and interactive way to understand complex topics. The tool is powered by ChatGPT and allows users to explore subjects from various domains, such as physics, software development, or business, by clicking buttons to discover relationships between concepts. Heuristica offers features like ELI5 explanations, summarization, elaboration, and analogies to enhance the learning experience. It also provides tools for generating flashcards, transforming research into writing, and learning in different languages. Heuristica is used by thousands of industry professionals, business executives, researchers, and students.



⚡Top 5 Heuristica Features:

  1. AI-powered concept maps: Use a mind map-like interface to visualize, structure, and acquire knowledge.
  2. Limitless Exploration: Explore all aspects of a subject using artificial intelligence, powered by ChatGPT.
  3. No Prompting: Dig deeper into a subject by simply clicking buttons. No need for prompt engineering.
  4. Learn Simpler, Learn Better: Superpower your learning with helpers like ELI5 (Explain like I am 5), summarize, elaborate, analogize, etc.
  5. Get Depth and Breadth: Quickly build an in-depth understanding by discovering the relationships between concepts and how they relate to each other with the help of AI.



⚡Top 5 Heuristica Use Cases:

  1. Essential Questions for Exploring Physics: Explore the implications, leading experiments, and observations that support a subject in physics.
  2. Discover New Perspectives: Unlock insights with a simple click using operators like Implications, Significance, and Interesting.
  3. Find Related References and Papers: Explore related articles from Wikipedia, papers from arXiv, or abstracts from PubMed to go deeper into your research subject.
  4. Generate Flashcards: Effortlessly create AI-generated flashcards from your concept maps to study, learn, and retain your knowledge exploration.
  5. Transform Your Research into Compelling Writing: Turn your concept maps into engaging content like summaries, blog posts, or essays.

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