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What is Hexagram?

Hexagram is a global, remote game development studio that uses social simulation to create new forms of play. They leverage AI and cloud services to develop dynamic, responsive gaming worlds, and their platform streamlines development and empowers creators. Hexagram has produced games like ALFA-ARKIV, which is a best app of the year and an alternate reality game with over 1 million players, and Meow Wolf: Omega Mart, a surreal supermarket experience that integrates digital techniques into physical exhibitions.



⚡Top 5 Hexagram Features:

Core “Living world” simulation engine: A powerful engine that creates dynamic, responsive gaming worlds, leveraging AI and cloud services.
Interactive AI characters: Characters that evolve and interact with players, adding depth to the gaming experience.
Interior and exterior experiences: Immersive environments that players can explore, both indoors and outdoors.
Global map with hotspots: A comprehensive map that guides players through the gaming world, highlighting key locations and events.
3D spatial audio with IMU integration: Realistic audio that adapts to the player’s movements, enhancing the sense of immersion.



⚡Top 5 Hexagram Use Cases:

Exploring virtual locations: Players can traverse virtual worlds, discovering new areas and interacting with characters.
Solving mysteries and missions: Players unlock content by investigating and solving puzzles within the game world.
Collaborative gameplay: Players can pool data and capabilities to unlock advanced missions and content.
Live events and gatherings: In-game events, such as concerts and lectures, add a sense of community and realism to the gaming experience.
Creating user-generated content: Players can contribute to the game world by creating their own content, adding to the overall experience.


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