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What is Hexometer?

Hex is a collaborative data workspace designed to streamline data analysis and sharing among teams. It offers a range of features including SQL, Python, R, and no-code capabilities within a flexible notebook UI, enabling users to generate queries, code, and visualizations. Real-time collaboration features include version control, diff tracking, and PR reviews, while reusable components facilitate efficient workflows. Hex supports various deployment options such as multi-tenant, HIPAA, Single-Tenant, and Private Cloud configurations, ensuring enterprise-grade security. Pricing plans cater to individual needs, with a free trial available for the Team plan. Hex has been recognized as an industry leader on G2 based on customer reviews.



⚡Top 5 Hex Features:

  1. Collaborative Data Workspace: Allows users to work together in real-time, leaving comments and sharing with their team.
  2. Flexible Notebook UI: Supports multiple languages such as SQL, Python, R, and no-code, making it easier to switch between tools.
  3. Version Control: Enables users to branch off, rewind, and revert changes, ensuring data accuracy and consistency.
  4. Reusable Components: Converts commonly-used logic into re-usable assets, streamlining data workflows.
  5. Drag & Drop Layout Builder: Simplifies the creation of stunning reports, dashboards, and data apps.



⚡Top 5 Hex Use Cases:

  1. Data Science Teams: Accelerates data workflows for practitioners and small teams, enabling them to maximize speed and quality of data work.
  2. Business Analytics: Helps businesses find insights worth reporting and operationalize data with interactive dashboards, reports, and data apps.
  3. Data Governance: Scales data collaboration and governance for teams, providing advanced security, support, and control for organizations.
  4. Machine Learning Forecasting: Offers capabilities for complex ML forecasting, demonstrating its versatility in handling various data tasks.
  5. Real-Time Feedback Loops: Tightens feedback loops by allowing users to control permissions and separate comments on their work, improving communication and efficiency.

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