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Learn & use Linux commands in natural language.
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What is HeyCLI?

HeyCLI is a tool that helps users navigate Linux commands by translating natural language into Linux commands. It allows users to simply use the word “hey” followed by a description of what they want to do, and HeyCLI will provide the corresponding Linux command. The tool is designed to assist users in using the command line terminal without the need to remember commands or spend time searching for them online. It is available for both Linux and MacOS systems and can be integrated with various DevOps tools for a seamless cloud management experience.



⚡Top 5 heyCLI Features:

  1. Natural Language to Linux Commands: heyCLI translates natural language to linux commands, helping users remember and execute commands without needing to search for them online.
  2. Command Suggestions: The tool provides suggestions for commands, making it easier for users to find the right command for their needs.
  3. In-Terminal Debugging: heyCLI can help debug errors in various command-line tools like python, nodejs, kubectl, gcloud, and aws.
  4. Command History: The tool allows users to set up context for improved answers and suggestions, which can be uploaded as is.
  5. Secure Integration: heyCLI integrates with popular DevOps tools and supports secure role delegation with external ID for added security.



⚡Top 5 heyCLI Use Cases:

  1. Efficient Command Execution: Users can quickly execute commands without needing to remember them, saving time and effort.
  2. Debugging Errors: heyCLI can help users debug errors in various command-line tools, making it easier to resolve issues.
  3. Command Suggestions: The tool provides suggestions for commands, which can be particularly useful for users who are not familiar with the command-line interface.
  4. Secure Integration: heyCLI’s secure integration with popular DevOps tools ensures a smooth transition for existing workflows and provides a unified interface for all cloud management needs.
  5. Improved Answers and Suggestions: By setting up context for HeyCLI, users can receive more accurate and relevant answers and suggestions, improving their overall experience.

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