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HeyPhoto transforms photos: facial changes, emotion, makeup, etc.
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What is HeyPhoto?

Text Photo is an app that converts images into text-based artworks, allowing users to choose from over a thousand fonts or upload their own. Users can customize the output by adjusting various parameters and applying post-processing effects like color enhancement and white balance. The app supports multiple languages and provides options for creating transparent backgrounds for blending images.



⚡Top 5 HeyPhoto Features:

  1. Change gaze direction: Guide eyes in photos as though a bird caught their attention.
  2. Anonymize features: Protect your identity and become unrecognizable to facial recognition technologies.
  3. Adjust smiles: With a slider to determine the intensity, you can craft the perfect grin for any occasion.
  4. Modify gender appearance: Slightly shift facial features to look more masculine or feminine, depending on your desired outcome.
  5. Alter age: Curious about how you’ll look in the future or want a glimpse of a younger you⚡ This feature is like a time machine for your face.



⚡Top 5 HeyPhoto Use Cases:

  1. Social Media Enhancements: Boost your social media presence by refining selfies and group pictures to present your best self.
  2. Maintaining Online Privacy: Stay anonymous on dating apps and social platforms by tweaking your photos to dodge facial recognition.
  3. Professional Image Editing: Craft the perfect professional headshots or avatars without the need for expensive photo editing software.
  4. Personal Photo Adjustments: Make minor changes to personal photos for fun or to match specific moods.
  5. Advanced Projects: Create production-grade face swaps and photorealistic headshots with incredible ease.

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