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What is Hints AI?

Hints is an AI assistant designed to help users manage their CRM data more efficiently. It allows users to update their CRM systems through text messages and voice commands via WhatsApp or SMS. The assistant can automatically fill in fields, even custom ones, and enhance sales playbooks with field auto-population. It also offers a speech recognition system called Whisper that understands all languages and accents. Hints users from various industries trust AI Assistant to save time and boost productivity by working off of 90% of the information already present in conversations.



⚡Top 5 Hints AI Assistant Features:

  1. Auto-CRM Updates: Update your CRM by sending text and voice messages via WhatsApp or SMS.
  2. Voice and Chat Inputs: Interact with the assistant through voice and chat inputs for data clarity in complex systems.
  3. Language Model Integration: Fill in all fields, including custom ones, automatically using language models.
  4. Sales Playbook Enhancement: Enhance your sales playbooks with field auto-population.
  5. Speech Recognition System: Utilize Whisper, a cutting-edge speech recognition system that understands all languages and accents.



⚡Top 5 Hints AI Assistant Use Cases:

  1. IBM Contact Assistance: Identify and connect with your contact at IBM seamlessly.
  2. Task Management: Manage your tasks for IBM and upcoming meetings efficiently.
  3. Proposal Reminders: Receive reminders to send proposals on time.
  4. Account Updates: Update accounts like Zenith with ease, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.
  5. Lead Generation Support: Automatically generate leads and manage their campaigns effectively.

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