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Hiwriter GPT for Gmail

Generate personalized emails swiftly with an intuitive tool.
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What is Hiwriter GPT for Gmail?

Hiwriter is an AI-powered tool that simplifies email writing, especially for Gmail users. It leverages the capabilities of GPT-3.5, a potent AI language model, to generate clear, on-target emails in seconds. Users can select an email topic, add details, and choose the style and tone of the email. The tool offers features like personalization, email reply generation, style and tone selection, translation, and editing capabilities. It aims to streamline the email writing process, save time, and enhance productivity. Hiwriter is free and accessible from mobile phones or PCs, making it convenient for users to send emails from anywhere.



⚡Top 5 Hiwriter Features:

Auto Email Generation: Leverages the same AI behind ChatGPT to write emails effortlessly.
Personalization: Tweak the emails to your communication style and the nature of the recipient.
Email Reply Generator: Analyzes ongoing email threads to craft fitting replies intuitively.
Style and Tone Selection: Ensures the email resonates with your unique voice and approach.
Translate Feature: Enables you to write in one language and translate it to another, bridging communication gaps.



⚡Top 5 Hiwriter Use Cases:

Time-Saving: Quickly generate emails without painstakingly considering every word.
Stress-Reducing: Avoid the anxiety associated with writing important emails.
Accessibility: With mobile optimization, you can write emails on the go, from any device.
Multi-Lingual Support: Communicate in various languages, increasing your global correspondence capability.
Improve Feature (In Progress): A future update promises to elevate the quality of your pre-written emails.


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