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Hoppy Copy Features

Hoppy Copy is an AI-based platform designed specifically for email marketing, boasting capabilities like creating high-converting emails, image-rich newsletters, and multi-day sequences. It also offers tools for editing and rewording copy, converting content from one format to another (e.g., blogs to emails), checking for spam to increase open rates, and monitoring competitors’ email strategies.

Top 5 Features:
AI Copywriter: The platform uses an AI model trained specifically for writing email marketing copy
AI Newsletter Creator: It can generate image-rich newsletters in seconds
Sequence Planner: This feature lets users plan multi-day email sequences
Content Converter: Users can convert content from one format to another, such as blogs to emails, or emails to tweets
Spam Checker: Hoppy Copy includes a spam check feature to help increase email open rates

Top 5 Use Cases:
Writing Email Campaigns: Users can create high-converting email campaigns quickly and efficiently
Creating Newsletters: Hoppy Copy enables users to generate image-rich newsletters in seconds
Planning Email Sequences: It allows for the planning of multi-day email sequences
Converting Content: Users can convert blogs to emails, emails to tweets, and tweets to texts seamlessly
Monitoring Competitors: The platform provides tools for tracking competitors’ email strategies, which can be useful for market analysis


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