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What is Hubble?

Hubble.team is a platform designed to facilitate user experience (UX) research for product development. It offers various features such as collecting contextual in-product feedback, finding user personas from a global participant pool, conducting unmoderated usability testing, and providing articles and guides on best practices for product development. The platform aims to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of user research, allowing teams to scale their insights and improve product decisions. Additionally, Hubble provides opportunities for networking and learning among UX and product professionals worldwide.



⚡Top 5 Hubble Features:

  1. Continuous Discovery: Test product ideas early in the product design cycle before dedicating engineering resources.
  2. User Feedback Collection: Gather contextual in-product feedback from product users to increase feedback quality and velocity.
  3. Global User Personas: Access a participant pool of over 3 million in 150 countries for research recruitment.
  4. Contextual Surveys: Elevate user research capabilities with various types of product feedback, such as unmoderated usability testing and feature satisfaction.
  5. Community Engagement: Connect with other UX and product professionals worldwide to ask questions and share insights.



⚡Top 5 Hubble Use Cases:

  1. Product Design Cycle Optimization: Utilize Hubble to test product ideas efficiently before investing engineering resources.
  2. Feedback Velocity Enhancement: Improve the speed and quality of feedback collection through industry-leading engagement and survey response rates.
  3. Research Recruitment Automation: Streamline the process of finding B2B or B2C user personas from a global participant pool.
  4. User Insights Integration: Incorporate user insights into product development processes to improve decision-making.
  5. Professional Network Expansion: Leverage Hubble’s community platform to connect with peers and expand professional networks.

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