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What is HypeIndex?

HypeIndex is an AI-powered platform designed to help traders predict market trends by measuring buyer sentiment. It uses a proprietary blend of AI, sentiment analysis, and machine learning algorithms to scour the web and determine which assets have increased in hype. The platform provides real-time alerts and comprehensive hype reports, enabling users to make informed trading decisions. HypeIndex is currently in closed beta and offers four membership tiers, each with varying features and access levels. The platform is particularly useful for identifying trends and assets with potential before they become widely known.



⚡Top 5 HypeIndex AI Features:

Early Hype Detection: HypeIndex AI analyzes millions of data points around the web from all media streaming channels and identifies new stocks/cryptos that are starting to get hyped.
Real-time Market Insights: With NewsSense, you can unlock real-time market insights with just a click, providing comprehensive and up-to-date information for smarter trading decisions.
AI News Report Generator: The NewsSense feature generates a comprehensive hype report in just 30 seconds, empowering users to make swift and informed decisions.
Real-time Alerts: HypeIndex AI keeps users informed about significant changes in market hype, ensuring they never miss a crucial moment.
Content Scraping: HypeIndex AI scrapes content from press releases, traditional media, and social networks, using Natural Language Processing, Sentiment Analysis, and Machine Learning to constantly read and interpret the market.



⚡Top 5 HypeIndex AI Use Cases:

Investment Strategy: HypeIndex AI helps investors predict market trends by measuring buyer sentiment before it’s seen in the price, allowing them to open positions ahead of the curve.
Trend Identification: Users can identify trends and assets with potential before anyone else by using the list of hype leaders provided by HypeIndex AI.
Automatic Alerts: All premium plans come with automatic alerts, notifying users when a stock or crypto becomes hyped.
API Access: Institutions can purchase the Enterprise plan to access the Hype Index API, allowing them to implement it in any way they see fit.
Hyped Asset of the Day: HypeIndex AI provides a write-up of the most hyped stock/crypto each day, ensuring users can keep up with the market even on their busiest days.


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