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Create custom app icons with automated color palettes and styles.
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What is Iconify AI?

IconifyAI provides an AI-based icon generator that allows users to create unique, professional app icons quickly and affordably. It uses artificial intelligence trained on a vast library of graphics, icons, and assets to generate icons based on user input. Users can preview and download their icons in 1024×1024 HD quality, with options for automatic color palette generation and various styles. The platform offers full ownership of the generated icons, including commercial rights and the ability to resell them. With a range of pricing plans starting at $17 for 80 credits, users can create multiple icons within their credit limit. The service delivers icons in under a minute and guarantees customer satisfaction, offering a refund if necessary.



⚡Top 5 IconifyAI Features:

  1. Wide Selection of Styles: IconifyAI offers a vast array of styles, shapes, colors, and objects to choose from, enabling users to create icons that perfectly represent their brand.
  2. Fast Automated Design Process: The platform generates icons quickly and efficiently, saving users time and effort compared to traditional design methods.
  3. High-Resolution Images: The generated icons are high-resolution (1024×1024) PNG images, ensuring crisp and clear visuals for apps and websites.
  4. Full Ownership: Users have complete ownership of the generated icons, including selling rights and copyright, giving them control over their intellectual property.
  5. Affordable Pricing: IconifyAI provides flexible pricing options, starting at $17 for 80 icons, making it accessible for both small and large teams.



⚡Top 5 IconifyAI Use Cases:

  1. App Development: Developers can use IconifyAI to create professional icons for their apps, enhancing user experience and brand recognition.
  2. Website Design: Web designers can leverage IconifyAI to generate icons for their clients’ websites, adding a personalized touch to the designs.
  3. Brand Identity: Business owners can utilize IconifyAI to create consistent icons across their marketing materials, strengthening their brand identity.
  4. Graphic Design: Graphic designers can incorporate IconifyAI into their workflow to generate icons for various projects, expanding their creative possibilities.
  5. Educational Purposes: Educators can teach students about AI-assisted design by using IconifyAI as a practical example in their classes.

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