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Create app icons, logos with one-click, automated color palettes.
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What is IconLab AI?

Icon Lab AI provides a platform where artificial intelligence creates stunning and unique app icons and logos within seconds. Users can generate icons in various styles, with automated color palettes based on selected graphics or brand colors. The service is trusted by over 1600 customers and offers flexibility to create unlimited icons with sufficient credits. Each icon costs one credit, and there are different packs available for purchasing credits. The icons are delivered in high definition (HD) quality and come with full ownership, including selling rights and copyright. The process is quick and easy, with no design skills required.



⚡Top 5 IconlabAI Features:

  1. One-click AI-generated icons: Create stunning and unique app icons and logos with the help of AI technology.
  2. Variety of styles: Choose from a wide selection of distinguished styles to suit your needs.
  3. Automated color palette generation: Based on the selected graphics or brand colors, the AI automatically generates an appropriate color scheme.
  4. Unlimited icon creation: With sufficient credits, you can create an unlimited number of icons without any limitations.
  5. Commercial rights included: You retain full ownership of the generated icon, including selling rights and copyright.



⚡Top 5 IconlabAI Use Cases:

  1. Small businesses and indie developers: Benefit from professional-grade app icons without the need for expensive traditional design services.
  2. Graphic designers: Utilize the AI-generated icons as part of their design workflow to enhance their client’s branding.
  3. App marketers: Quickly generate multiple variations of icons for A/B testing purposes.
  4. Designers on a budget: Take advantage of the affordable pricing plans and high-quality icons to streamline their workflow.
  5. Brand consistency: Ensure that your app icons align with your brand identity by trusting the AI to understand your preferences and create icons accordingly.

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