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Detect synthetic images, Deepfakes, tampered content to stay secure.
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Illuminarty Features

Illuminarty.ai is a website that specializes in helping users detect AI generated images, texts, synthetic or tampered images and Deepfake. It offers various functionalities that can detect AI generated images and texts, identify which AI models were used, detect synthetics and tampered images, and detect Deepfake. The top 5 features include:

– AI image classification
– AI text classification
– AI image localized detection
– AI model identification
– AI text localized detection

The top 5 use cases are:

– Checking whether or not an image has been AI generated
– Finding out the probability of AI generation for an image
– Finding out the probability of AI generation for a text
– A web browser extension to detect AI-generated content
– An API for automated AI detection.


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