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Detect synthetic images, Deepfakes, tampered content to stay secure.
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What is Illuminarty?

Illuminarty AI is an online platform designed to assist users in determining whether an image or text is generated by artificial intelligence (AI). The site utilizes computer vision and natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to assess the likelihood of AI generation for both images and texts. Users can check the probability of AI generation for a given image or text, identify the specific regions of an image that are AI-generated, and even detect deepfakes. Additionally, Illuminarty offers a browser extension for seamless detection while browsing the internet and provides an API for automated detection integration into other services.



⚡Top 5 Illuminarty Features:

  1. Detection of AI generated images: Find out the probability of AI generation for a given image using computer vision algorithms.
  2. Detection of AI generated texts: Determine the likelihood of a text being AI-generated using NLP algorithms.
  3. Browser extension: A web browser extension for seamless detection of AI-generated content while surfing the internet.
  4. API for automated detection: Integrate AI detection into your service through the Illuminarty API.
  5. Localized detection: Identify specific regions from an image that increased the likelihood of AI generation to help users understand where artifacts lie and correct misclassified images.



⚡Top 5 Illuminarty Use Cases:

  1. Image Verification: Verify whether a particular image is generated by an AI or human artist.
  2. Text Analysis: Analyze a block of text to ascertain its likelihood of being AI-generated.
  3. Web Content Analysis: Detect AI-generated content while browsing the internet using the Illuminarty browser extension.
  4. Integrated Service: Enhance your service’s functionality and credibility by integrating AI detection capabilities directly through the Illuminarty API.
  5. Community and Enterprise Solutions: Custom arrangements available for communities and enterprises interested in advanced features and support.

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