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Revolutionize client comm with auto follow-ups, tracking, templs.
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What is InboxPro?

InboxPro is a platform designed to help businesses streamline their customer acquisition process. It uses artificial intelligence (AI), merge tags, follow-up sequences, and a built-in calendar to assist in converting leads into customers. The platform allows users to import and classify their email contacts, use AI to generate professional emails, validate email sequences, and set up follow-up email series. Additionally, InboxPro provides analytics and reporting features, email tracking capabilities, and integration with various email providers and calendars. The platform aims to reduce tasks, optimize prospects, and close deals more efficiently while providing real-time notifications and insights to improve decision-making.



⚡Top 5 InboxPro Features:

  1. AI Email Assistant: An AI-powered tool that generates professional emails in seconds.
  2. Follow-Up Sequences: A feature that allows users to set up automated email sequences with various triggers and conditions.
  3. Merge Tags: Personalized communication tools that enable users to include recipient names and other relevant information in their emails.
  4. Built-in Calendar: A tool that lets users schedule appointments and share meeting links seamlessly.
  5. Email Templates: Pre-designed templates that help users save time and maintain consistency in their email communications.



⚡Top 5 InboxPro Use Cases:

  1. Sales Prospecting: Utilize InboxPro to identify potential leads and automate initial outreach.
  2. Customer Onboarding: Streamline the process of welcoming new customers with personalized email sequences.
  3. Marketing Campaigns: Create targeted email campaigns using InboxPro’s AI-generated content and analytics.
  4. Support Ticketing: Manage customer queries effectively by creating customizable email templates and tracking responses.
  5. Project Management: Organize project-related communications and collaborate with team members using InboxPro’s features.

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