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What is Insight7?

Insight7 is an AI-powered customer insights platform designed for B2B companies. It automates the process of gathering customer feedback from various sources, including Gong, Gmail, Salesforce, and Hubspot, to help product teams understand their customers better and improve their product development and marketing strategies. Key features include recording, transcribing, and analyzing customer interviews; identifying product themes from multiple interviews; understanding customer profiles and journeys; creating buyer personas and customer journey maps; accelerating product discovery; turning customer conversations into marketing materials; and scaling revenue with product intelligence. Insight7 also offers enterprise-grade security measures and supports various file formats. Customers have praised its efficiency in saving time and providing valuable insights for product development and marketing purposes.



⚡Top 5 Insight7 Features:

  1. Customer Interview Analysis: Record, transcribe, analyze, and attribute customer interviews to understand customer feedback and identify product themes.
  2. Feedback Segmentation: Identify unique needs of customer accounts, segments, and personas to create targeted marketing messages and buyer personas.
  3. Content Generation: Turn customer conversations into product messaging, case studies, and testimonials to market effectively.
  4. Product Discovery: Automate analysis of customer insights to surface high-impact features that matter to customers.
  5. Revenue Optimization: Consolidate customer insights across channels to unlock win/loss, churn, and upsell opportunities that drive revenue and reduce churn.



⚡Top 5 Insight7 Use Cases:

  1. Product Roadmap: Use customer insights to prioritize features and engage customers, generating relevant marketing messaging and assets.
  2. Marketing Content Creation: Power content, messaging, ad copies, and more with critical customer insights across customer segments.
  3. Revenue Operations: Scale revenue with product intelligence by unlocking win/loss, churn, and upsell opportunities that drive revenue and reduce churn.
  4. Customer Journey Mapping: Create buyer personas and customer journey maps from feedback to understand customer profiles and journeys from pain points.
  5. Feedback Analysis Efficiency: Save time in analyzing user feedback by automating the process and extracting product insights seamlessly.

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