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Gain insights from customer feedback analytics.
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What is Intellibase?

Intellibase is a product management tool that helps businesses analyze their user feedback and gain insights to inform decision-making processes. It offers features such as automated trend analysis, conversational interface, efficient auto-tagging, and integration with various tools. The platform aims to eliminate manual categorization of feedback by automatically grouping it into useful trends and themes. Intellibase provides plans suitable for different stages of companies, including early-stage startups, high-growth startups, and enterprise-level organizations. Pricing varies depending on the plan chosen, which includes options for monthly or yearly subscriptions, number of rows of feedback, team members, integrations, and support levels.



⚡Top 5 Intellibase Features:

  1. Automated Trend Analysis: Discover trends within user feedback over any timeframe.
  2. Conversational Interface: Engage with data through conversations.
  3. Efficient Auto-Tagging: Organize feedback into themes and surface relevant feedback.
  4. Accessible Insights: Gain insights directly from the user’s perspective.
  5. Time-Saving Tagging: Save time by automating tagging and categorization.



⚡Top 5 Intellibase Use Cases:

  1. Product Prioritization: Identify top requests and prioritize projects effectively.
  2. Trend Monitoring: Stay updated on emerging trends and adjust strategies accordingly.
  3. Customer Feedback Management: Manage and analyze customer feedback efficiently.
  4. Team Collaboration: Facilitate collaboration among team members.
  5. Data-Driven Decision Making: Make informed decisions based on real user data.

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