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What is Intently?

Intently is an AI-powered fundraising assistant designed to help startups raise institutional seed and series A funding more efficiently. It offers a range of features to streamline the fundraising process, including an automated playbook that has helped raise over $180 million for previous startups, parallel fundraising to build momentum within three months, and a proprietary investor database to help focus on the right VC partners. Intently also provides tools to establish connections with portfolio founders, build a dream network, and find warm intro paths without manual hassle. The platform aims to save time and increase the chances of successful fundraising by leveraging AI to analyze data and provide insights on potential investors and their interests.



⚡Top 5 Intently Features:

Build your fundraising CRM in one click: Intently helps you build your fundraising CRM with ease, saving you time and effort.

Save time and raise like it’s not your first rodeo: Intently’s automated playbook, which has helped raise $180M+ for previous startups, allows you to save time and raise funds more efficiently.

Apply parallel fundraising efficiently: Intently assists you in building the fundraising funnel and gaining momentum with investors within 3 months.

Shoot straight with every investor: Intently’s proprietary investor database helps you focus on the right VC partners, ensuring you’re targeting the right investors for your business.

Find warm intro paths without manual hassle: Intently’s automated intro path builder simplifies the process of finding warm connections with your target investor list and portfolio founders, eliminating the need for manual work.



⚡Top 5 Intently Use Cases:

Establish connections with portfolio founders: Intently helps you build your dream network by identifying founders you need to connect with to raise a successful round.

Peer support and advice: Intently provides a dedicated network where you can ask for investor advice and feedback.

Strong foundation for future growth: Intently maintains founders’ connections, allowing you to benefit from your community in the post-fundraising time.

Go warm or go home: Intently helps you find warm connections with your target investor list and portfolio founders via the network of your network.

Automated intro path builder: Intently’s tool automatically builds intro paths to your target investors, eliminating the need for manual work.


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