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Inworld AI

Advanced engine for lifelike human behaviors in interactive experiences.
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What is Inworld AI?

InWorld AI provides an AI-powered platform to revolutionize gameplay in various genres, including sci-fi action dramas, MMOs, fantasy RPGs, base management, detective, and slapstick comedy action-adventure games. It aims to deliver dynamic NPCs, responsive game mechanics, and evolving game environments through its Inworld Engine. The platform also features Inworld Studio, streamlining content creation processes, and Inworld Core, offering customizable AI infrastructure solutions. The platform aims to drive player engagement, impact core game loops, increase revenue, and help developers create innovative and immersive gaming experiences by integrating AI technology.



⚡Top 5 Inworld AI Features:

  1. Neo NPCs: Offer deep connections with players, providing new gameplay strategies and emergent storytelling opportunities. They are powered by AI, enabling NPC reasoning, cognition, and real-time perception and awareness of the game environment.
  2. Narrative Graph: Co-developed with Microsoft, it provides a framework for mapping out interactive narratives, including story elements, character arcs, lore, dialogue, and decision points. The incorporation of AI allows for real-time ideation and exploration of new storylines.
  3. Engine: Drives real-time gameplay mechanics that adapt to players’ decisions, enabling dynamic game states, environments, and AI agents. It also integrates AI NPCs with advanced cognition, perception, and behavior.
  4. Studio: Streamlines the creative process, helping creators organize and workshop epic game designs. It includes tools for creating characters, scenes, and visualizing interactive narratives.
  5. Core: Offers custom solutions for enterprise-ready AI infrastructure, including adaptive serving infrastructure, dedicated GPUs, on-device integration, and custom models.



⚡Top 5 Inworld AI Use Cases:

  1. Player Engagement: Inworld AI helps drive player engagement by increasing immersion through storylines and characters, resulting in higher replayability, session length, retention, and average revenue per user (ARPU).
  2. Core Game Loops: By driving engaging gaming loops, this tool keeps players returning repeatedly, ensuring the game remains popular and successful.
  3. Revenue Generation: With 81% of gamers reporting that they would be willing to pay more for a game featuring AI NPCs, this tool can help game developers increase revenue.
  4. Going Viral: Studios drove millions of views on Twitch and YouTube, demonstrating its potential to generate buzz and attract a larger audience.
  5. Content Creation: Inworld AI supports content creation by streamlining the process, allowing creators to focus on their work rather than the technical aspects of game design.

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