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What is Jobscan?

Jobscan is a web service designed to help job seekers optimize their resumes for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) companies use to sort and filter job candidates. By entering a resume and the job description for the position they are applying for, users can receive a match rate indicating how closely their resume aligns with the job requirements. Get personalized tips to improve the resume’s match rate, focusing on hard and soft skills, education levels, job titles, and other keywords. Access tools to optimize LinkedIn profiles and generate personalized cover letters. The platform aims to increase interview chances by 50% by helping job seekers tailor their resumes to specific job listings and beat the automated screening processes employed by ATS.



⚡Top 5 Jobscan Features:

  1. Keyword Analysis: Analyze your resume and job posting to determine the optimal keywords for your application.
  2. Match Rate Calculation: Determine the percentage of your resume that matches the job posting.
  3. Resume Manager: Store and manage multiple versions of your resume.
  4. Learning Center: Access educational resources to enhance your job search skills.
  5. LinkedIn Optimization: Optimize your LinkedIn profile to align with your resume and job search goals.



⚡Top 5 Jobscan Use Cases:

  1. Cover Letter Optimization: Create a customized cover letter that complements your resume and job posting.
  2. Premium Subscription Benefits: Enjoy additional features such as unlimited scans, enhanced reporting, and access to exclusive content.
  3. ATS Compatibility: Ensure your resume meets the standards of popular applicant tracking systems (ATS) used by employers.
  4. Hard Skill and Soft Skill Evaluation: Assess your strengths in technical abilities and interpersonal skills.
  5. Job Matcher: Identify potential job opportunities that align with your skills and experience.

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