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Accurate job title classification API for smarter lead qualification.
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What is JobtitlesAI?

JobtitlesAI is a machine-learning platform designed to accurately classify job titles using artificial intelligence. It categorizes job titles into two main groups: sales, finance, IT, etc., and executive, management, assistant, etc. This classification helps users prioritize leads and automate their lead qualification process. The platform supports multiple languages, including French and English, and is GDPR compliant, ensuring user data privacy. Users can try the service for free with up to 50 job titles and can subscribe for additional features like API access, discounts, and compatibility with various tools like CSV, spreadsheets, and Hubspot.



⚡Top 5 JobtitlesAI Features:

  1. Accurately classifies job titles: Uses machine learning algorithms to sort job titles into two categories: sales, finance, IT, etc., and executive, management, assistant, etc.
  2. Multilingual: Understands job titles in multiple languages, currently supporting French and English
  3. GDPR compliant: Doesn’t collect any data except for the job title, ensuring user privacy
  4. Compatible with various platforms: Can be used with spreadsheets, Hubspot, and APIs
  5. Continuous improvement: Machine learning model learns and improves over time, discovering new job titles and correcting itself



⚡Top 5 JobtitlesAI Use Cases:

  1. Automating lead qualification: Allows users to prioritize job titles based on their interests
  2. Marketing segmentation: Helps marketers target specific job titles for advertising campaigns
  3. Spreadsheet integration: Enables users to categorize job titles in Excel files
  4. Hubspot compatibility: Integrates with Hubspot for easy job title classification
  5. API usage: Provides an API for developers to integrate job title classification into their applications

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