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Deploy website chatbots with no coding for complex conversations.
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What is Juji?

Juji IO offers a platform for creating and managing cognitive AI chatbots that leverage advanced human soft skills like active listening and empathetic responses. These AI assistants use conversation intelligence and computational psychology to understand user behavior and preferences, providing personalized assistance and improving customer satisfaction. Juji aims to democratize AI technology by allowing non-technical users to create and manage custom cognitive AI assistants with no coding knowledge, while also offering multitudes of reusable AI components for rapid deployment. The platform supports integration with various applications and workforces, fostering productive human-AI collaboration.



⚡Top 5 Juji Features:

  1. Active Listening: Enables Juji cognitive AI assistants to automate complex human interactions empathetically and responsibly, scaling out high-touch human services like daily employee engagement and patient follow-ups while relieving administrative burdens.
  2. Computational Psychology: Automatically infers user psychographic insights from conversation texts, providing valuable insights into user personality that can be used for personalized guidance, such as student and employee retention.
  3. Empathy and Responsibility: Instills advanced human soft skills in Juji cognitive AI assistants, allowing them to engage users in open, two-way conversations and build authentic connections, fostering productive human-AI collaboration.
  4. Accessible Cognitive AI: Makes cognitive AI accessible to every organization, enabling non-IT professionals to create and manage custom cognitive AI assistants with no code, similar to using PowerPoint or Excel.
  5. Reusable AI: Offers multitudes of reusable AI, allowing organizations to reuse or customize pre-built, powerful cognitive AI assistants quickly and efficiently.



⚡Top 5 Juji Use Cases:

  1. Customer Engagement: Utilizes conversation intelligence and psychographic insights to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty, creating a more personalized and engaging experience.
  2. Employee Training: Assists in training and onboarding processes by providing personalized guidance based on user psychographics, improving employee retention and productivity.
  3. Healthcare Support: Scales out high-touch human services like patient follow-ups, reducing administrative burdens and ensuring efficient communication between healthcare providers and patients.
  4. Education Services: Provides personalized guidance to students, helping them achieve better academic performance and enhancing overall educational outcomes.
  5. Recruitment Processes: Streamlines the hiring process by offering personalized assistance to job seekers, matching them with suitable positions based on their psychographic profiles and skill sets.

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