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Generate ideas and enhance storytelling with Additive Prompting.
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What is Just Prompts?

Just Prompts is a website that offers a tool to enhance the functionality and accuracy of AI-generated outputs by allowing users to create more complex and nuanced prompts. The tool is designed to improve prompts in seconds by asking users to specify the subject and desired appearance of the image. It is made by @nickfloats and @SanxRoz.



⚡Top 5 Just Prompts Features:

  1. Additive Prompting: Enhance your prompts with the help of AI-generated suggestions made by @nickfloats and @SanxRoz.
  2. Customizable Visual Storyboards: Turn your ideas into visual storyboards with ease using Just Prompts.
  3. Automation: Leverage AI automation capabilities to streamline your workflow.
  4. Customizable to You: The tool is tailored to your needs, offering innovative tech for better business processes.
  5. Music Generation: Generate music in various styles from text descriptions



⚡Top 5 Just Prompts Use Cases:

  1. Improve Prompts in Seconds: Create new level prompts by answering questions about your subject and desired image look.
  2. Pixel Art Conversion: You can easily convert images to pixel art online by adjusting the retro pixelation level.
  3. Personal Cheerleader: Receive uplifting, customized encouragement messages from an AI-powered personal cheerleader.
  4. Maximize Efficiency: TinyWow’s diverse, free, no-sign-up online tools help maximize efficiency with Just Prompts.
  5. Generate AI Art Prompts: Easily generate custom AI art prompts for Midjourney and Dall-E.

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