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Create social media content easily with video editing and subtitles.
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What is Keyframes Studio?

Keyframes Studio is an online video editor platform designed to create videos for mobile screens and social media platforms. It provides users with control over their video’s “camera” through keyframes, enabling them to create dynamic, eye-catching content for various platforms. The platform focuses on simplicity and ease of use, offering features such as automatic subtitle generation, integration of stock images and sounds, and collaboration tools for teams. Keyframes Studio aims to streamline the video creation process, especially for content creators, digital agencies, and individuals who want to produce high-quality videos for personal or professional purposes.



⚡Top 5 Keyframes Studio Features:

  1. Easy-to-Use Editor: The interface is designed for simplicity, allowing users to resize, trim, crop, cut, zoom, move, and more without prior editing experience.
  2. Automatic Subtitle Generation: Videos with subtitles perform better, and Keyframes Studio generates them with a single click, supporting 12 languages and highlighting words karaoke-style.
  3. Integrated Sound and Image Libraries: Keyframes Studio offers a curated list of sounds and stock images to enhance your videos, making them more engaging and visually appealing.
  4. Collaboration Tools: Invite team members to work together on projects, save progress, and use the brand kit for consistent branding across all content.
  5. AI Assistance: The platform uses AI technology to process videos, highlight important parts, and create keyframes automatically, saving time and effort in video creation.



⚡Top 5 Keyframes Studio Use Cases:

  1. Content Creators: Boost engagement and efficiency by using Keyframes Studio for podcasts, vlogs, gameplays, and other creative projects.
  2. Digital Agencies: Improve organizational efficiency and create compelling social media videos quickly and efficiently for clients.
  3. Personal Use: Create quality videos for personal enjoyment, sharing memories, or showcasing skills and hobbies.
  4. Education: Develop educational materials, tutorials, or presentations that engage students and facilitate learning.
  5. Marketing and Promotion: Enhance brand visibility and reach target audiences through visually appealing and shareable video content across various platforms.

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