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Keywrds AI

Advanced keyword research tool for unique topics.
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What is Keywrds AI?

Keywrds AI is an AI-powered SEO tool designed to assist users in finding unique and relevant keywords for their content. It uses a GPT-3.5 based AI engine to generate keywords, questions, and topics for articles, including controversial, thought-provoking, and unconventional ones. The service provides estimated search volumes, Google People Also Ask questions, and keyword difficulties to aid in decision-making for targeted keywords and blog post outlines. Additionally, it offers automatic generation of four superior answers to questions for each keyword, making it easier to provide relevant and useful content to readers.



⚡Top 5 Keywrds AI Features:

  1. AI-powered keyword generation: Utilizes a GPT-4 based AI engine to generate unique and relevant keywords for various niches.
  2. Topic and question generation: Helps users come up with engaging and informative topics and questions for their content.
  3. Blog post outline creation: Offers a feature to generate blog post outlines based on the generated keywords and topics.
  4. Google PAA question scraping: Scrapes Google’s ‘People Also Ask’ questions for users, providing additional content ideas.
  5. Keyword difficulty and search volume estimation: Provides valuable insights into keyword competition and potential traffic.



⚡Top 5 Keywrds AI Use Cases:

  1. Content ideation: Helps content creators brainstorm new and relevant topics for their articles or blogs.
  2. SEO optimization: Assists in optimizing website content by suggesting targeted keywords with high search volumes and low competition.
  3. Competitive analysis: Allows users to analyze competitors’ content strategies and identify gaps that can be filled with unique and engaging content.
  4. Topic-based content creation: Supports the creation of topic-focused content, which is favored by search engines like Google.
  5. Authority building: Aids in establishing authority within a niche by generating content around pain points, concerns, and interests of target audiences.

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