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Create promotional clips and summary reels with cropping and effects
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Klipme Features

Klipme (https://klipmeapp.com/) is a Visual AI technology that helps create promotional clips and summary reels from any footage. It automatically crops and adds subtitles, beats, and effects to clips to make them more engaging.

Top 5 Features:
– Automatically create clips for TikToks Reels Shorts and others
– Visual AI technology to process any type of content
– Easily crop horizontal videos into vertical format
– Automatically adds speech based subtitles
– Sync video’s pace with the beat of music

Top 5 Use Cases:
– Promo clips of feature films or regular smartphone videos
– Summarize holiday trips or compilations of the year’s best moments
– Generate trendy animated content to go viral on social media
– Enhance accessibility and viewer engagement through AI Subtitles
– Create quick teasers Reels Shorts and Tiktoks from long form videos


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