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Automate business interactions with multi-channel bots and generative AI.
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What is Kore AI?

Kore AI is a company that focuses on providing conversational AI and digital UX technologies for global enterprises. They have been at the forefront of AI innovation for over a decade and aim to simplify AI adoption for businesses. Their platform includes intelligent virtual assistants for customer and employee interactions, which can improve retention, enhance agent experiences, increase employee productivity, and provide relevant, accurate, and personalized search results. Additionally, Kore AI allows businesses to boost any application with AI, ensuring seamless integration between different systems. The company has been successful in raising significant investment and has been named a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Conversational AI platforms.



⚡Top 5 Kore AI Features:

  1. Intelligent Virtual Agents: Drive customers to answers and resolutions faster, saving human talent for more challenging tasks.
  2. Real-Time Agent Coaching: Provide agents with their own AI-powered virtual assistant for real-time answers and coaching.
  3. Employee Productivity Boosters: Make employees more productive by allowing intelligent virtual assistants to discuss questions, mine internal data, and solve problems.
  4. Relevant Search Results: Offer the most relevant, accurate, and personalized search results using AI to understand user intent, context, and preferences.
  5. Application Enhancements: Boost any application in your technology environment with AI, allowing all applications to connect and leverage generative and conversational models.



⚡Top 5 Kore AI Use Cases:

  1. Customer Retention: Improve customer retention and lifetime value through faster resolution of issues and better engagement.
  2. Agent Satisfaction: Increase agent satisfaction by providing them with tools that help them handle queries efficiently and effectively.
  3. Employee Efficiency: Enhance employee efficiency by automating routine tasks and providing quick access to information.
  4. Search Optimization: Streamline search experiences by offering personalized and accurate results, improving the user experience.
  5. Application Integration: Seamlessly integrate AI into various applications, enhancing their functionality and performance.

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