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Generate real/virtual person videos in multiple languages using text.
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What is Kreado AI?

KreadoAI is an AIGC digital marketing creation platform that offers various functional products for digital human video creation, AI-generated marketing copy, AI text-to-speech, AI models, AI image cutout, PPT voice-over videos, avatar cloning, and voice cloning. The platform has made advancements in multimodal generation, TTS, voice cloning, lip synthesis, image data training, and AI algorithm optimization and upgrade. KreadoAI has launched a new version with improvements in broadcast image, PPT parsing capabilities, and user experience optimization. The platform also offers multilingual AI video creation, allowing users to create oral videos of real or virtual characters by entering text or keywords.



⚡Top 5 KreadoAI Features:

1. AI-generated avatars: KreadoAI allows users to create professional videos with AI-generated avatars, adding creativity and vitality to their content.
2. AI-generated voices: The platform also offers AI-generated voices, enabling users to create personalized and engaging videos.
3. Video creation platform: KreadoAI provides a user-friendly video creation platform that allows users to generate videos in minutes.
4. AI-powered solutions: The platform offers a range of AI-powered solutions for avatars, voice cloning, and more, accessible through the KreadoAI account.
5. Share videos: Users can easily share their videos on the platform, making it convenient for collaboration and distribution.



⚡Top 5 KreadoAI Use Cases:

1. Marketing: KreadoAI can be used for creating marketing videos, allowing businesses to showcase their products or services in an engaging and creative way.
2. Education: The platform can be used in the education sector to create educational videos, making learning more interactive and engaging for students.
3. Entertainment: KreadoAI can be used to create entertaining videos, such as short films, animations, or comedy sketches, providing a platform for creative expression.
4. Advertising: The platform can be used for creating advertisements, helping businesses to reach a wider audience and promote their products or services.
5. Personal branding: Individuals can use KreadoAI to create personal branding videos, showcasing their skills, experiences, and achievements to potential employers or clients.


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