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Krikey AI

Quick and easy 3D story and animation generation on an online platform.
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Krikey AI Features

Krikey AI is a platform that offers tools for creating 3D animations and avatars using AI technology. The platform provides an AI Animation Maker which generates animations based on custom character AI motion algorithms, allowing users to create videos, games, and more. Users can also create their own 3D avatar through the ReadyPlayerMe Avatar Creator and animate it with the Krikey AI Animation Maker.

Top 5 Features:
AI Animation Maker: Krikey AI provides an AI Animation Maker that generates animations based on custom character AI motion algorithms, making it easy to create videos, games, and more
Ready Player Me Avatar Creator: With the ReadyPlayerMe Avatar Creator, users can design a custom 3D avatar which they can animate using the AI Animation Maker
Video to Animation Feature: Krikey AI has a unique feature that can convert any video with human motion into a 3D character animation
Customizable Animations: Krikey AI allows users to customize their AI animations with unique facial expressions, hand gestures, and other editing tools
Export Options: Users have the flexibility to export their creations as a video or an FBX file for their project

Top 5 Use Cases:
Social Media Content Creation: With tools like the Instagram story editor, Facebook video ad creator, and TikTok video editor, users can create engaging, animated content for their social media platforms
Animation Generation: Users can leverage the AI Animation Maker to generate unique, high-fidelity animations for videos, games, and other projects
Personalized Avatars: The ReadyPlayerMe Avatar Creator allows users to design custom 3D avatars that can be animated with the AI Animation Maker
Greeting Card Design: Krikey AI can be used to create memorable greeting cards or invitation cards with animated text and 3D animations
Educational Purposes: With the capability to create animations, educators and students can use Krikey AI to make learning more interactive and fun, such as creating book reports or educational videos


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