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Lalal AI

Separate vocal & instrumental tracks for high-quality extracted audio.
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Lalal AI Features

LALAL AI is the world’s 1 AI-powered vocal remover and music source separation service. It enables users to quickly and accurately separate vocal and instrumental tracks, giving high-quality extracted tracks in just a few seconds.

Top 5 Features:
Stem Splitter: Extract vocals, instrumental, drums, bass, guitar, synth, string, and wind instruments
Voice Cleaner: Remove background music, vocal plosives, mic rumble, and other unwanted noise
Tools, API, and Pricing: Access tools, an API, and flexible pricing models to best suit your needs
Batch Upload: Process multiple files at ones with batch upload
Stem Download: Download the extracted tracks for further use

Top 5 Use Cases:
Remixing of Songs: Extract vocals, instruments, and drums from pre-recorded songs for remixing
Karaoke Creation: Remove vocal tracks from existing songs to create karaoke
Music Production: Extract isolated musical instruments for production and sample creation
Voice Over Dubbing: Reduce background music and other noise from dialogue and voice over tracks
Audio Cleanup: Remove noise from audio recordings to improve quality and make them more presentable.


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