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Generate professional game art with variations, export ready.
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What is Layer AI?

Layer AI is a tool designed to empower game studios to create professional in-game content, marketing, and live ops art at scale without compromising quality or accuracy to the game’s style. It uses AI technology to generate production-ready assets with style consistency, allowing teams to start with an idea, generate variations for testing concepts, and then refine and export their assets to their favorite platform. The tool is designed for teams of all sizes and supports complex workflows, making pre-production and creative testing easy and accessible. Additionally, Layer optimizes LiveOps by providing content made in minutes to keep players engaged, and simplifies marketing asset creation from ad variations to app-store assets. Layer has been praised for its user experience, which allows for generative AI pipeline integration, speeding up production, and saving resources. It offers plans for different team sizes with simple per seat pricing and no generation fees.



⚡Top 5 Layer AI Features:

  1. Unlimited Pipeline of Professional Game Assets: Layer uses AI to take prompts from your existing art style and generates an endless supply of professional game assets.
  2. Powerful Editing Tools: Layer provides robust editing capabilities, allowing artists to refine their assets and achieve precision in their work.
  3. Scalable Creative Direction: Layer enables creatives to set the artistic direction for their projects and scale their vision with ease.
  4. Team Collaboration: Layer supports complex workflows and allows teams of all sizes to collaborate effectively on pre-production and creative testing.
  5. Versatile Applications: Layer offers solutions for various aspects of game development, such as LiveOps optimization and marketing asset creation.



⚡Top 5 Layer AI Use Cases:

  1. Art Style Consistency: Layer helps ensure consistency across different stages of game development by generating assets that align with the established art style.
  2. Quick Prototyping: Layer speeds up the prototyping process by enabling artists to generate multiple variations of an idea and select the best option.
  3. Streamlined Production: Layer reduces production time by automating certain tasks and allowing artists to focus on refining their assets.
  4. Cost Savings: By reducing reliance on outsourcing studios, Layer helps game developers save significant costs while bringing art production in-house.
  5. Enhanced Creativity: Layer provides additional creative options for teams, enabling them to generate outputs they couldn’t think of before.

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