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What is Lettria?

Lettria is a no-code AI platform that turns unstructured documents into reliable information. It combines the strengths of large language models (LLMs) and symbolic AI to overcome current limitations in knowledge extraction. The company offers ontology enrichment, text to graph conversion, and a private GPT model. The platform allows users to maintain control over their data, ensuring it remains secure and is not used to train models without consent. The company’s mission is to make advanced technologies like language models and natural language processing accessible to everyone, focusing on making these tools efficient and sustainable.



⚡Top 5 Lettria Features:

  1. Turn Chaos into Knowledge: Combining best of large language models and symbolic AI to overcome the limitations of current-generation AI in knowledge extraction.
  2. Lettria Knowledge Studio: Understand complex connections between entities from unstructured textual data thanks to an intelligent modeling of relationships.
  3. Ontology Enrichment: Transform unstructured documents into reliable information.
  4. Text to Graph: Visualize relationships between entities in textual data.
  5. Private GPT: Maintain complete control over your data with a cloud-agnostic platform that allows deployment on any private or public cloud and keeps your data securely on your servers.



⚡Top 5 Lettria Use Cases:

  1. Text Mining API: Empower your business with deep learning-powered Emotion Analysis, capable of detecting up to 28 distinct emotions in text.
  2. Sentiment Analysis: Leverage Lettria’s Deep Learning-powered Sentiment Analysis, which is 30% more accurate than a comparable open source model.
  3. Entity Recognition: Identify regular entities, numeric entities, and meanings in the same text, extracting email IDs, phone numbers, scientific measurements from your text.
  4. AutoLettria: Create custom text classification models using your own data on the platform without coding required.
  5. Easy Machine Learning: Train machine learning models within your project where everything else is already there, test, evaluate, and iterate on multiple models all in one place.

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