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Automate tasks with AI for improved productivity and customer experience.
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What is Levity AI?

Levity AI is a platform designed to streamline freight email operations using AI automation. It allows users to connect their apps and data sources, such as Gmail or Outlook, and then teaches AI models to perform specific tasks. The platform offers a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface called the Flow Builder to set up and test automated workflows. Once configured, these workflows can be published and run in the background, automating various tasks related to freight operations, such as responding to new quote requests, updating customers, and entering orders directly into TMS systems.



⚡Top 5 Levity AI Features:

  1. Email Integration: Levity AI allows integration with popular email services such as Gmail and Outlook, enabling seamless communication between your inbox and other tools.
  2. AI-Powered Workflows: The platform utilizes AI technology to automate tasks, streamlining processes and increasing efficiency.
  3. Customizable Connectors: Pre-built connectors to various tools and APIs allow for easy integration and automation across multiple platforms.
  4. Drag & Drop Interface: The user-friendly Flow Builder enables users to create and manage complex workflows without requiring extensive technical knowledge.
  5. Data Security: The platform prioritizes data protection, conducting regular audits and adhering to strict security standards to safeguard user information.



⚡Top 5 Levity Use Cases:

  1. Quote Generation: A fast-growing freight brokerage reduced quote generation time by 61% by utilizing Levity’s automation capabilities.
  2. Order Entry: An air cargo company was able to meet customer SLAs more efficiently by automating email triage and direct order entry into their TMS.
  3. Customer Updates: A 3PL company experienced increased customer satisfaction due to immediate status updates, reducing response time from 5 minutes to just 1 minute.
  4. Data Analysis: Levity AI provides valuable insights through data analysis, which can help businesses make more informed decisions.
  5. Process Automation: The platform allows users to automate various processes, freeing up time for other tasks and increasing productivity.

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