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What is Lexii AI?

Lexii.ai is an AI article writer designed for SEO purposes. It generates high-quality, human-readable articles that are not just SEO word salad. Lexii can write complete articles according to your specified word count, ensuring that the content is tailored to your needs. The platform checks all content for plagiarism and reworks it if necessary, ensuring originality. Lexii also allows you to set a tone for your articles to effectively speak to your target audience. The articles produced by Lexii are built to pass Yoast’s checklist, ensuring SEO optimization. Lexii is built exclusively on GPT-4 and is constantly evolving its algorithms to get the best from large language models. It offers agency workflow features to manage multiple clients, making it a valuable tool for marketing agencies and teams. Lexii is designed to save time and effort in delivering SEO-ready content to clients or teams.



⚡Top 5 Lexii.ai Features:

Feature 1: AI Article Writer for SEO
Feature 2: Production-ready content that doesn’t sound like generic AI
Feature 3: Complete articles according to specified word count
Feature 4: Plagiarism check and rework if necessary
Feature 5: Tone setting for target audience



⚡Top 5 Lexii.ai Use Cases:

Use Case 1: Content creation for SEO purposes
Use Case 2: Managing multiple clients with agency workflow features
Use Case 3: Delivering SEO-ready content to clients or team
Use Case 4: Utilizing state-of-the-art AI article generation
Use Case 5: Accessing resources and knowledge in the world of AI


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