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Literally Anything

JUST TEXT: Create any app, game, widget, or service.
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Literally Anything Features

LITERALLY ANYTHING is an AI creation tool that allows users to create, design, and build any kind of app, game, widget, or digital service with just text. It was created by Big Human and it takes the stress and hassle out of development.

Top 5 Features:
-Build any kind of app, game, widget, or digital service directly in the browser
-Access to tutorials and resources to help with the development process
-AI-powered which makes it quick and efficient to build digital products
-Tools to edit CSS and code so users can customize their product
-Tailored to the user’s needs and interests

Top 5 Use Cases:
-Developers can use it to quickly create apps and games
-Industry professionals can build digital services tailored to their industry
-Businesses can create custom apps, websites, and widgets that cater to their specific needs
-Educators can use it to make teaching more interactive
-Individuals can build community-driven projects and services


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