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Convert designs to production-ready code with existing tech stacks.
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Locofy Features

Locofy.ai is the perfect solution to help streamline your development process and ship your products faster. It allows you to quickly turn your designs into production-ready frontend code for mobile apps and web. With Locofy.ai, you can ship products 5-10x faster with your existing design tools, tech stacks and workflows.

Top 5 Features:
– Automatically convert prototyping designs into production-ready code
– Low-code development
– Compatible with a wide range of development tools, tech stacks and workflows
– Easy to use, no coding experience needed
– Seamless synchronization between design and engineering teams

Top 5 Use Cases:
– Create production-ready code from existing designs
– Speed up development time and reduce time to market
– Increase product quality and maintain user interface consistency
– Enable developers to focus on coding functionality instead of UI
– Simplify shipping of changes from design to development teams


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