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Looking Glass Blocks

Experience artwork and photos in 3D, create and share holograms.
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What is Looking Glass Blocks?

Looking Glass Blocks provides a platform where users can turn their 2D images into holograms using its built-in AI conversion tool. This allows individuals to create a new dimension for their art, photographs, and other visual content. Users can then share these holograms across the internet and display them on Looking Glass devices without needing to make adjustments to lighting or textures. The site also offers resources and a community for connecting with others who use the service.



⚡Top 5 Looking Glass Blocks Features:

  1. AI Conversion Tool: Convert any 2D image into a hologram using the built-in AI conversion tool.
  2. Shareability: Share holograms across the internet on any device and cast them directly onto Looking Glass displays.
  3. View Anywhere: Present 3D scenes without needing to adjust lighting or texture settings.
  4. Holographic Depth Maps: Generate detailed depth maps and holograms that can be shared with others.
  5. Embeddable: Embed holograms across the internet using the provided embed code.



⚡Top 5 Looking Glass Blocks Use Cases:

  1. Artistic Expression: Add a new dimension to art, photographs, and other visual content.
  2. Educational Purposes: Enhance learning experiences by presenting complex concepts in 3D format.
  3. Product Visualization: Showcase products in a unique and immersive way.
  4. Virtual Events: Create engaging virtual environments for events and conferences.
  5. Architectural Design: Display architectural designs in 3D format for better understanding and presentation.

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