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Generate royalty-free stock photos of non-existent people.
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What is Lucidpic?

Lucidpic is a website that offers an AI photo studio for generating unique, royalty-free, hyper-realistic images of people. It allows users to create consistent-looking people that don’t exist, ideal for various projects without copyright or model release concerns. The platform enables users to generate a realistic clone of themselves or any person they have permission from, in just a single photo. Users can change hair, clothing, and place themselves in any location. Lucidpic’s AI technology allows for the creation of detailed, realistic full body images and high-quality portrait pictures. The platform also offers an AI Influencer Generator for creating realistic virtual influencers. Lucidpic’s AI person generator allows for customization of various parameters such as clothing, hair, style, and age, and users can add custom keywords to get a more tailored character. The free tier allows for the generation of up to 3 images, and beyond that, a paid plan is required. The platform is designed to prevent the creation of adult, inappropriate, or harmful content, and users should exercise caution and good judgment when using the technology.



⚡Top 5 Lucidpic Features:

AI Person Generator: Create unique, royalty-free, hyper-realistic images of people at a fraction of the cost of running real photoshoots or purchasing stock photography. Customize visuals without a camera or a studio.

AI Face Generator: Generate high-quality face images from a single photo, offering a wide range of customization options. Create realistic digital avatars from a single photo.

AI Full Body Generator: Create detailed, realistic full body images using AI technology. Add keywords like “full body” or “standing” to the Photo Studio custom prompt.

AI Influencer Generator: Generate realistic virtual influencers with extensive customization options, including adjusting clothing, hair, style, age, and even the body type for full-body images.

AI Stock Photo Generator: Create unique and diverse stock photography with customizable realistic human images, including sex, ethnicity, age, clothing, and poses.



⚡Top 5 Lucidpic Use Cases:

Creating Digital Clones: Generate a realistic digital clone of yourself or any person you have permission from, in just a single photo.

Generating Avatars: Create avatars for social media, characters for gaming, or any other creative project you have in mind.

Designing YouTube Thumbnails: Craft eye-catching YouTube thumbnails and social media content with unique human images, perfect for grabbing attention.

Creating Virtual Influencers: Generate realistic virtual influencers for marketing, social media, and even game development, creating diverse and inclusive visuals without the need for traditional photoshoots.

Ordering Bulk Datasets: Contact Lucidpic to order bulk datasets, perfect for any project. It can be cheaper and more time effective than using the regular studio.


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