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Create tests & quizzes from text with Google Forms.
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What is Magic Form?

Magic Form is an AI tool that helps users create quizzes from various sources such as text, YouTube videos, PDFs, and Docx files. It is designed to simplify the process of generating quiz questions, making it suitable for teachers, students, and professionals who must create assessments quickly and easily. The platform offers different pricing plans based on the number of questions and features needed, from a free plan with limited capabilities to premium plans offering unlimited questions and additional features. Magic Form supports multiple languages and has been trusted by top universities and companies. Users can install the app from the Google Workspace Marketplace and launch it within Google Forms to enter the necessary information and generate the quiz questions.



⚡Top 5 Magic Form Features:

  1. Easy Text Conversion: Convert any text into quiz questions using AI.
  2. Multiple Question Types: Choose from multiple choice, true/false, and other types of questions.
  3. URL, YouTube, PDF, and Docx Integration: Import content from various sources to generate quiz questions.
  4. Access to Previous Quizzes: Keep track of past quizzes and easily access them when needed.
  5. Language Support: Generate quizzes in over 100 languages.



⚡Top 5 Magic Form Use Cases:

  1. Teacher Assessments: Quickly create new question sets for classroom assessments.
  2. Compliance Document Assessments: Generate assessments from compliance documents for HR teams.
  3. Edtech Company Assessment Creation: Streamline the assessment creation process for textbook publishers and edtech companies.
  4. Student Study Material: Create personalized study materials based on specific topics.
  5. Online Course Evaluation: Develop evaluations for online courses to measure learning progress.

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