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What is Magic ToDo?

Goblin Tools Magic ToDo is a website and app that provides various AI-powered tools to assist with task management, productivity, and organization. The main tool is Magic ToDo, which automatically breaks down tasks into smaller steps based on the user’s input about the complexity of the task. Other features include Formalizer for transforming language, Judge for interpreting tone, Estimator for guessing timeframes, Compiler for organizing ideas, and Chef for creating recipes from available ingredients. Goblin Tools aims to support neurodivergent individuals by providing simplified user experiences tailored to their needs.



⚡Top 5 Goblin Tools Magic ToDo Features:

  1. Magic ToDo: Automatically breaks down tasks into smaller steps, helping users manage and organize their to-do lists more effectively.
  2. Formalizer: Transforms language to be more formal, sociable, and concise, which can be helpful for improving communication skills.
  3. Judge: Assists with interpreting the tone of written content, helping users better understand the intended meaning.
  4. Estimator: Can guess the timeframe or duration of an activity, providing users with an estimate.
  5. Compiler: Takes brain dumps or scattered thoughts and turns them into actionable tasks, helping users organize their ideas.



⚡Top 5 Goblin Tools Magic ToDo Use Cases:

  1. Task Management: Helps individuals break down complex tasks into smaller, more manageable steps, making it easier to stay organized and focused.
  2. Productivity Improvement: Provides tools and features tailored to the needs of individuals, improving productivity and efficiency in daily activities.
  3. Neurodivergent Support: Designed to meet the needs of neurodivergent individuals, such as those with ADHD, autism, and other conditions.
  4. Simplified User Experience: Features a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate design, making it accessible to a wide range of users.
  5. Chef Function: Allows users to create a meal from a list of ingredients, providing assistance with meal planning and preparation.

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