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Maximize productivity: task organization and sync with Goblin Tools.
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Magic ToDo Features

Goblin Tools is a to-do list and task management platform that helps users stay organized and plan out their tasks. It features special sauce to break down difficult tasks into smaller components, and also supports synchronization across multiple devices. The top 5 features are:

– Spiciness level to suggest how hard or stressful a task is
– Ability to filter by category
– Common task tools like editing, removing, and subtasks
– Synchronization between devices
– Export options like save to file, copy to clipboard, print, and export to Todoist template

The top 5 use cases for Goblin Tools are:

– Easily break down difficult tasks into smaller components
– Track progress and plans with the to-do list
– Reorder tasks for better organization
– Sync lists across multiple devices
– Export tasks to various formats for better collaboration


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