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Transform customer experience with an employee-like bot.
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What is MagicForm?

MagicForm AI is a platform designed to transform customer experiences and boost conversions using a next-generation AI sales representative. Key features include scanning websites and uploading documents to extract business facts, drag-and-drop interface for adding questions and implementing conditional logic, training and editing AI responses, integrating with various platforms such as WhatsApp and email, and offering white label solutions. Pricing plans range from a free Starter version to paid options for small businesses, agencies, and enterprises, with varying message limits, AI agents, and additional features.



⚡Top 5 MagicForm Features:

  1. Scan websites and upload documents: MagicForm uses AI to extract facts about your business from various sources.
  2. View frequently asked questions: Keep track of the most common questions asked and edit knowledge in real-time.
  3. Drag and drop interface: Design conversations with ease using drag and drop functionality and conditional logic.
  4. Automated lead qualification: Integrate MagicForm with your existing offerings to streamline the lead qualification process.
  5. Customizable follow-up journeys: Send personalized follow-up emails directly from the lead manager.



⚡Top 5 MagicForm Use Cases:

  1. Small business growth: Utilize MagicForm to improve customer experiences and boost conversions for small businesses.
  2. Integration with CRMs: Connect MagicForm with your CRM system to streamline data management and communication.
  3. Personalized follow-up emails: Create tailored follow-up emails based on user behavior and preferences.
  4. WhatsApp integration: Engage with customers on WhatsApp using MagicForm’s AI-powered chatbot.
  5. Scalability for large organizations: MagicForm offers unlimited conversations and agents for larger enterprises and agencies.

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