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Deploy AI apps swiftly and code-free with Magick.
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Magick Features

Magick is a full stack developer suite for building, deploying, maintaining, & scaling generative, autonomous AI powered assistants, agents, bots & applications. It provides a visually driven, user friendly platform designed for developers, AI novices and AI builders. With Magick, users can build, deploy, maintain and scale their AI agents, bots and applications quickly and efficiently.

Top 5 Features:
– Visual Builder Interface: create and customize AI components without having to write code.
– Full Suite Model Support: access to modern ML providers including Open AI, AI21, Cohere, Google and more.
– Deployment Simplification: easily deploy complex AI components and connect them to various services.
– Scalability: platform that automatically scales with your applications’ needs.
– Monetization: join the Creator Economy and/or sell unique spells, plugins and bot templates in the community marketplace.

Top 5 Use Cases:
– Building Autonomous AI Assistants
– Deployment of Advanced ML Models
– Integrating AI into Applications and Services
– Scaling AI Applications
– Monetizing AI Creations


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