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Hyper-accurate email personalization with 20 data sources.
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What is Magicreach?

Magicreach AI provides a platform called “Reach” designed to help sales representatives generate more sales pipeline by monitoring leads and tracking relevant events across multiple data sources. Reach offers several key features such as daily notifications with relevant triggers, AI-generated copy for personalized emails, and AI relevance scoring to prioritize high-priority triggers. Additionally, Reach integrates with various tools like CRMs and email sequencing software, allowing users to receive daily trigger notifications directly within those platforms. The platform aims to streamline the process of managing leads and creating targeted, personalized messaging, ultimately improving overall sales performance.



⚡Top 5 MagicReach Features:

  1. Daily trigger monitoring across multiple data sources: Reach monitors various sources like LinkedIn, Jobs, Tech Stack, Company Website, etc., to surface the most relevant triggers.
  2. AI generated copy: Reach creates personalized AI emails based on specific triggers, allowing for efficient addition of relevant personalization to messages.
  3. AI insights: Reach provides valuable insights across multiple data sources for faster research.
  4. AI relevance scoring: Reach uses AI to score the strength of triggers with respect to your value proposition, helping you prioritize high-priority triggers.
  5. Integrations with your favorite tools: Reach seamlessly integrates with company chat tools, CRMs, and email sequencing software to streamline daily trigger notifications.



⚡Top 5 MagicReach Use Cases:

  1. Improved pipeline from the top to the bottom: Get qualified prospects sent to you daily based on relevant sales triggers.
  2. More Meetings: Target high-intent leads who are more likely to engage, fill your pipeline faster using relevance instead of volume, and prioritize accounts based on lead level triggers.
  3. Smarter Pipeline: Increase deal momentum with hyper-relevant signals, implement intelligent multithreading based on lead level triggers, and reengage with dormant leads at optimal times.
  4. Personalization 2.0: Personalize emails quickly by accessing all necessary data in one place and reviewing simple copy.
  5. Hubspot Integration: Utilize the Reach Chrome Extension to research and personalize emails directly within HubSpot for increased efficiency.

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