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What is Mailbutler?

Mailbutler Smart Assistant is an AI-powered email assistant designed to help users manage their emails more efficiently. It offers several features such as Smart Compose, which allows users to provide a few keywords and have the assistant draft an email; Smart Respond, which generates responses based on keywords entered by the user; Smart Summarize, which provides an instant summary of email contents; Smart Improve, which suggests improvements to spelling and grammar; Contact Finder, which automatically adds contact information from emails; and Task Finder, which extracts tasks from emails and adds them to the Mailbutler Tasks feature. The Smart Assistant works with Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook, and Gmail and is available on the Smart plan and Business plan after a free trial period.



⚡Top 5 Mailbutler Smart Assistant Features:

  1. Smart Compose: Provides a quick way to draft emails by generating a draft from a few keywords entered by the user.
  2. Smart Respond: Generates responses to emails based on a few keywords entered by the user, allowing for efficient email communication.
  3. Smart Summarize: Instantly provides an overview of all pertinent details from an email, helping users stay informed about their inbox.
  4. Smart Improve: Improves the spelling and grammar of emails by suggesting corrections and enhancements to the user’s text.
  5. Contact Finder: Automatically locates and saves contact information from emails, making it easier for users to maintain their address book.



⚡Top 5 Mailbutler Smart Assistant Use Cases:

  1. Quick Response: Allows users to quickly respond to emails without having to type lengthy replies, saving time and effort.
  2. Email Organization: Helps users organize their inboxes by providing summarized overviews of emails, making it easier to prioritize tasks.
  3. Improved Communication: Enhances email communication by improving spelling and grammar, ensuring professional and clear messaging.
  4. Efficient Contact Management: Simplifies contact management by automatically adding relevant information from emails to the user’s address book.
  5. Automated Task List: Extracts tasks from emails and creates a to-do list, enabling users to keep track of their responsibilities.

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