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Instant beautiful landing pages with copy, logos & analytics.
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What is MakeLanding AI?

MakeLanding is an AI-powered platform facilitating the creation of stunning landing pages in a matter of seconds. The platform offers features like generating persuasive copy, crafting unique logos and illustrations, customization options, and a variety of art styles and color themes. It also provides access to a vast library of stock photos, making it a highly convenient and efficient tool for users with no technical skills.


Top 5 Makelanding Features:

AI-Powered Landing Page Creation: MakeLanding offers an advanced AI system that can generate visually appealing and highly effective landing pages in mere seconds
Highly Persuasive Copy Generation: The platform leverages the power of AI to produce compelling copy for your landing pages, drawing from a vast database of high-converting headlines
Customizable Illustrations and Logos: It provides unique logos and illustrations to enhance your landing pages, offering a selection of 6 different art styles and 12 color themes for customization
Effective Business Promotion Tools: The platform allows users to insert various call-to-action links to promote diverse aspects of their business, be it Apple Store links, crowdfunding campaigns, or courses on Gumroad
User-Friendly Page Editor: MakeLanding features a straightforward page editor that enables users to tweak the content to their liking, including modifying the copy, buttons, links, illustrations, and adding or removing sections on the page


Top 5 Makelanding Use Cases:

Promoting Podcasts: The AI can craft landing pages tailored to podcast promotions, highlighting key episodes, guest speakers, and subscription links
Advertising Mobile Apps: It can generate landing pages that effectively showcase mobile apps, including features, user reviews, and download links
Selling Courses: For educators and trainers, the AI can design landing pages that detail course outlines, instructor profiles, pricing tiers, and enrolment information
Launching SaaS Products: Startups and tech companies can use AI to create landing pages that highlight the unique selling points of their SaaS products, feature lists, pricing plans, and client testimonials
Marketing Events or Webinars: It can also generate landing pages for events or webinars, including event details, speaker profiles, schedules, and registration forms


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