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What is Markopolo?

Markopolo AI is an eCommerce growth platform that leverages AI technology to unify, transform, and activate marketing data. It provides a comprehensive solution for capturing and managing data, allowing businesses to bypass third-party trackers and maintain control over their own data. Markopolo aims to optimize ad spending by up to 40% more KPI efficiency, offering seamless platform adjustments and daily health checks to boost performance by 5-10%. The platform visualizes the entire customer journey data with clear reports focused on sales and ROI, making it easily shareable and customizable to a brand’s needs. Markopolo integrates with various platforms to build a MarTech stack and simplifies ad management for businesses.



⚡Top 5 Markopolo Features:

  1. Data Capture Technology: Reclaim your data bypassing third-party trackers like Google’s GTM / Facebook’s Conversion API.
  2. AI-Enhanced Ad Optimization: Effortlessly optimize ad spending with drag-and-drop ML models for up to 40% more KPI efficiency, seamless platform adjustments, and daily health checks boosting performance by 5-10%.
  3. Customer Journey Visualization: Visualize your entire customer journey data with clear reports focused on sales and ROI, all in one place, easily shareable, and customizable to your brand.
  4. Integration Capabilities: Integrate with every platform imaginable to build your MarTech stack- and run your business in just few clicks!
  5. Performance Marketing Focus: Cut out all the unnecessary noise and focus on performance marketing.

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