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Automate customer support, reduce ticket volume, build chatbots.
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What is Markprompt?

Markprompt is an AI platform designed to enhance customer support operations by providing a suite of tools that enable businesses to handle increased support volumes without adding additional staff. These tools include automated ticket deflection, chatbots with built-in automations, triage capabilities, and an AI draft composer for generating responses. Additionally, Markprompt offers integrations with various platforms and supports no-code development, allowing users to configure and experiment with chatbots and agent apps. The platform is SOC 2 Type II compliant and ensures data encryption both at rest and in transit.



⚡Top 5 Markprompt Features:

  1. AI for customer support: Automates customer support, scales without increasing headcount, and delivers exceptional user experiences.
  2. Suite of tools: Handles more support volume by giving your team AI superpowers instead of increasing headcount.
  3. New ticket: Describes your issue and provides suggestions for handling customer queries.
  4. Ticket deflection: Reduces ticket volume by 50% overnight by answering customer questions automatically.
  5. Chatbots with automations: Build chatbots that trigger automations, such as reimbursements, within existing chatbots like Zendesk.



⚡Top 5 Markprompt Use Cases:

  1. Cron errors: Helps resolve 404 errors on the cron endpoint by categorizing and summarizing tickets.
  2. Triage: Categorizes, summarizes, translates, and preprocesses tickets to provide a full picture for action.
  3. AI Draft Composer: Generates responses adhering to your company’s brand and tone based on expert knowledge.
  4. 1-click integrations: Adds integrations to workflows and platforms without requiring engineering resources.
  5. Learn from insights: Improves AI apps by learning how customers and agents interact with them to spot deficiencies in knowledge.

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